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Thanksgiving 2016

This rodeo has been done enough times here in the UK now to warrant its own traditions and quirks. This year we had guests over again because we had so much fun the last time. However, M is all about his new adopted holiday and the entire day is Thanksgiving/American themed. Like he has an “American Playlist” that plays songs with the names of states in them. And puts an American football on prominent display on the table whenever I’m not watching.

However, this is England and it means things always end up a bit unique. As usual, our Thanksgiving is on the Saturday after. That morning, I was woken up and taken downstairs to have a “traditional” Thanksgiving breakfast. As a kid a Thanksgiving breakfast was usually something small, or nothing at all. We all know the giant food pile that will appear later that afternoon. My beloved husband was having none of that and insisted on pancakes, bacon, and sausages. He probably would have made more if allowed.

After breakfast was cleaned up, it was straight to food prep. The turkey was defrosted in time this year and the baked goods were ready to go. In his favourite spin on things, this turkey was covered in bacon. It keeps the moisture in, and it makes for a tasty snack halfway through the cooking process. The bird was draped and stuffed with well, stuffing, and then put in the oven for the next few hours. Our guests would be arriving soon.

When they arrived, we popped on the Thanksgiving Day Parade off of a YouTube link so they’d get an authentic feel of the background of a Thanksgiving Day. Mostly it ended up being interesting for the US commercials and the liberal prescription drugs ones placed through them. (Not something you see here in England.)

We weren’t going to just be watching telly the whole time though, and traditions that were forgotten last year were reinstated this year. Mostly, our two oddball games to play whilst waiting for food to cook.

The first requires at least 2 newspapers, some tape, some scissors, and a timer. You set an arbitrary amount of time that’s at least 20 minutes and make teams. These teams then must design and construct a bridge in that time frame with the materials that can hold weight. This year, the weight was a single potato. With that in mind, we were off! The competition was fierce, but fatal flaws appeared in the end and a victor emerged. I suppose we should probably use a weight that can be gifted as a prize afterwards, but we didn’t go that far this time. It was mostly the thrill of the game.

The second game is a bit unfair for whoever doesn’t have me on their team, but that’s no guarantee of success. This game involves printing out blank maps of the US states and the English counties. If feeling generous, a cheat sheet with all the names can be provided in alphabetical order. The aim is to fill them out to the best of our abilities, then swap them and check. You’d think we’d be better at this after playing it before, but it proves hilariously bad each year.

After this, food was almost ready. Kitchen help was needed for all the vegetable dishes, which is always a challenge when you have a galley kitchen. Miracles were performed, plates were laden, and turkey was carved in the end.

Just like everything else, this always ends up being a fusion of English and American, and this year was no different. We had green bean casserole and (attempted) rolls with the turkey and mashed potatoes, but there were also pigs in blankets and roast potatoes. Surprisingly the biscuits and gravy of last year did not make a reappearance on the table.

After eating as much as we could, we all happily rolled ourselves over to the sofa to digest and ended up playing card games into the evening and having a generally good time. This Thanksgiving was another rousing success!

— Kate

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