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Scottish Referendum, the Aftermath

The votes are in and Scotland has decided to stay in the United Kingdom with 2,001,026 votes for No (55.3%) and 1,617,989 for Yes (44.7%). The Scottish First Minister Alex Samond thanked everyone that came to the polls and asked that they all accept the verdict of their peers. David Cameron has stated that the main parties in Westminster would continue with their promise to hand more power to Scotland, including “new powers over tax, spending and welfare.”

So what does this mean?

Well for starters, my dollar just got hit again.

  • The pound rose in strength against both the dollar and the euro. Ouch. (I secretly wanted Scotland to leave, just a little bit so the pound would drop some, but so goes life.)

  • The Royal Bank of Scotland has stated it will keep its headquarters in Scotland with the No vote decision.

  • The promise for more power will begin with an act being drafted and published before January 25th of next year.

  • The local parliament will begin their demands for a comprehensive devolution with aims to have complete control over income and corporation taxes, airline duties, and welfare.

  • This vote does not just change life for Scotland though. Across the United Kingdom there are new questions being raised.

Is it right that English MPs will have no say in devolved issues in Scotland, but that Scotland can still vote on things in Westminster that don’t affect it? Should Scottish MPs be banned entirely from voting on England-only laws? Should Wales and Northern Ireland be asking for more devolution and local powers?

These and surely more issues will be things dealt with over the next few years. This may be the push for Scotland to get what they want via devolution, but it is possible that something like this could happen again within a generation. Who knows?

— Kate

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