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Ruins and Fairy Rings

Hello all!

Between catching plague and prepping presentation notes, I did manage to get some living done and just didn’t have the strength to type away at a keyboard about it. None of it is going to involve epic storytelling this week, but just getting back into the swing of things.

So what did I manage to see? Well, I stopped in at St Margaret’s Church on the way to visit Abbey Park…

The church was beautiful and the people there for mid-week services were lovely. Had a cup of tea and talked with them about how they kept up such a massive building and still tried to keep to the Christian mission of good works. (Basically, it’s a challenge.) From there I continued on to my planned destination of Abbey Park, which houses the ruins of the old Leicester Abbey with the burial of Cardinal Thomas Wosley (of Tudor era fame) as well as the charred remnants of the Cavendish House, which looks like something straight out of the video game Fable II.

About a week later, I was treated to a fantastic English rendition of Thanksgiving to keep the homesickness at bay. If only it had kept the regular sickness at bay too, but alas! There was turkey and green bean casserole, and it was altogether wonderful. 🙂 Christmas could finally begin, so after a gruelling round of Trivial Pursuit, Christmas music was played and a tree put up!

Finally, this weekend saw some of us adventure out into the county and visit Bradgate Park. Only 4 miles out of the city, but it felt much further out than that. Will definitely go back at some point to enjoy the nature and solitude of it all.

I am now convinced that not only do most fantasy themed video games base their storylines off of English history (Fable, Dragon Age, and the like, I’m looking at you.), but they base the background of the game off it too. Walking through Bradgate felt eerily familiar.

So next week will either be Friday or severely delayed until the weekend after as we’ve got a week of intensive hands-on courses this week and then I’m off to Fuertaventura with my favorite fellow adventurer for a week. Will hopefully speak again soon!

— Kate

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