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Lockdown? How about Lockdown, Part Two?

I did say I'd talk about lockdown later yeah? Ahahaha. Since last writing, we now rather suspect that the nasty cold M had might've been coronavirus, as he showed antibodies for it in a test a few weeks later. I sat waffling about whether to write on this blog for awhile because A) Not much has happened that hasn't been said a million times over by other folks and B) My working at home left me with eternal guilt about being productive all the time. I'm working on that part still.

So, like last time, you'll be getting a quick video catch up rather than a long and tedious written ramble. Perhaps the next post won't be next year. Maybe. Here's part one - lockdown proper:

And then part two - loosened lockdown:

And now, as of this coming Thursday, we're about to go BACK into lockdown. They say it'll lift the first week of December, but we'll see. It very much feels like it's going to be a Zoom Christmas.

Hope you're all safe and well.

Pandemically yours,


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