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"I should probably actually use my blog now that we're deep in lockdown huh?"

Last time you saw this blog up and running, it was August 2019. Oops. Just gonna give you a speedy catch up of major highlights between then and now. Plus I think we all enjoy looking at the outside world before everything went insane. So with no further ado, shall we start?

M and I met up with friends in Cambridge at the end of the summer. We meant to go for a punt, but looked at the wait times and just went for a pint instead.

In September we went to the in-laws' and celebrated my 30th birthday by looking at old things. And not just looking at me. 😋

Next up was on my birthday proper on 29th September. However, M had a conference in Madrid he needed to attend. This could mean only one thing - I was crashing his hotel in Madrid and having a nerdy museum tour during the days when he was off being work-like.

In November my parents came to visit! We did a Tour de Essex and cooked Thanksgiving dinner with them before they had to head out back to the States. ❤️

In 2020 we started the year off sunnily by going back to Fuertaventura in the Canary Islands. It was M and I's first holiday together 5 years previously, so it was really sweet to go back.

February came along and we met up with friends again, walking the length and breadth of the old city of Lincoln. Lincolnshire may be flat, but Lincoln is most definitely not! A pretty place though, and one I would love to go back to again.

During this trip M was coming down with a nasty cold, which lasted into the next week when I caught it from him. It seems we had only both recuperated when coronavirus swept in and normal life got upended. There's all sorts to be spoken about on lockdown, and I'll save that for another day. Until then, enjoy some life out and about previously. God knows I will.

-- Kate

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