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Holidays Abroad

Hello all,

After returning quite grudgingly from the wonderful weather of the Canary Islands with some pink on my face and sand still coming out of shoes, we all dove straight into Christmas overdrive. I went back to Leicester for a few days to do some laundry and pack up some more presents, then back to Colchester. Last minute gifts were wrapped and we were then picked up and brought out to Wiltshire, where I was warmly welcomed for my first English Christmas. I regret not taking more photos, but it was a really great time and taking pictures kind of slipped my mind.

Christmas is different in every home you have it in, whether you’re in another country or the other side of your own, with family traditions making each celebration unique. With this in mind, Christmas in England is basically Christmas in America. Well, minus the Christmas crackers. They’re starting to slowly show up in the States and I fully support this adoption into the Christmas spirit as they’re pretty fun. If you don’t know what they are, they’re cardboard tubes tied off on each end, about 8 inches long. You find a partner and pull both ends, which will cause it to pop and spill out a toy, a paper crown, and a silly joke. The toys can be simple or complex, depending on what you get. Or you can take scraps of the cracker and pimp out your toy entirely.

All in all, it was a great Christmas and thanks to modern technology I even got to talk to my family back home as they were opening presents. Skype and FaceTime are the way to keep in touch for sure. It’s also nice to know my family isn’t the only one that makes everyone open presents in a circle one by one to draw out the Christmas joy of surprises. 🙂

New Year’s, like Christmas, is also pretty much the exact same thing as in the US, but there’s really only so many ways to ring in the new year and alcohol with friends seems to be a popular choice.

Short post, but I’m trying to get back in to the swing of things and posting once a week again. So many apologies for the slacking, but it just became a case of time mismanagement and dealing with the uglier phases of culture shock. I’ll write about it eventually, but next will be the excitement of my first rugby match and a visit to the Museum of London. Talk to y’all later!

— Kate

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